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How To Throw A Hens Party Even Great-Aunt Doris Will Love

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Goodbye single life! That’s essentially what a hens or bucks party is — a celebration of the end of single life and the beginning of married life. Perhaps you’ve been tasked with organising the farewell to single life for your soon to be married friend. Before you start ordering crates of alcohol and booking exotic dancers, it’s important to speak with the bride with regards to the guest list, which then sets the tone as to what is appropriate entertainment. Yes, a hens party should be a big celebration, but not everyone who the bride wants to invite will actually enjoy a late night at a club with free-flowing alcohol. So how do you accommodate everyone and make sure they have a good time? It’s as simple as having a two-tiered hens night. Part 1: A Relaxed Celebration Much like a wedding cake has a number of tiers, a great hens party should have two. The first portion of the evening is one of relaxed enjoyment, where guests can chat, laugh, share memories of the bride’s early years and wish her all the best for the marriage. This is the laid back portion of the evening, where guests who might be a little older and/or not so much into wild parties can attend and be part of the celebrations. They also then have a clear indicator of when to call it a night. You could have a dinner at nice restaurant, or even consider a company that offers hens party boat charters, such as Sea-Reward Charters, where you’ll be whisked around the harbour or river with canapés and champagne in hand. The all-inclusive option is best, so that food and drink is taken care of. It’s not unreasonable to ask guests to contribute, although this should be clearly specified on the party invitation. The boat can then dock, some of your guests can safely depart, happy in the knowledge that they were there for the party, and those who dare can continue for the somewhat more wild portion of the evening. Part 2: Things Get Wild (Safely) Of course, alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly, but let’s face it — that might not happen on a hens night. As to where the party heads on, that’s up to you and your fellow bridesmaids. Avoid the temptation of going club hopping, since the logistics of getting everyone in your group from one venue to another are really not worth the trouble. Pick the place where you think the bride will have the best time, and stick with it. If you do go from one place to another, implement a buddy system so nobody gets left behind, and this is particularly important for wedding guests who might be from out of town. You need to keep an eye on the bride while still having a good time, so perhaps you can alternate alcoholic drinks with water. Rather than dealing with the taxi queue on the way home, it can be a good idea to arrange a minibus and driver, although this requires a group consensus about when to call it a night. Having a predetermined end time for the party makes sense though, and you’ll probably need to get up the next day for more wedding planning. So there you have it...

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