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How Many Wedding Limousines Will You Need?

Part of the logistical puzzle that is wedding planning is working out how many wedding limousines you will need to transport the family on the day.

Here are the common transport steps in a wedding day.

A car that transports groom and groomsmen to the venue

A car transports the groom and groomsmen to the venue. Depending on the size of the wedding party, the groom’s family might also come in a wedding car or may arrive at the venue separately.

A car that transports the bride, bridesmaids and the bride’s father to the venue

In some weddings the same car/s can then leave the venue and transport the bride, bridesmaids and the bride’s father to the venue but it may not be logistically possible given the distance. In some case the bride’s family may come separately and meet the family at the venue.

Multiple cars that transports the bridal party to take some casual and posed photography and video footage

Often the bride and groom travel with their maid of honour and best man, and the rest of the party follow in a wedding car. The photographer and videographer usually travel in their own car, as they need to move around through out the day.

Family members usually leave the ceremony in their own cars, and meet the wedding party back at the reception later.

Multiple cars that transports the wedding party to the wedding reception venue

The cars usually co-ordinate timing so that the wedding party can all enter together, with the newlyweds come in last. In some cases the bride may also stop and change from her wedding dress into a reception dress, either at home or at the hotel.

A car that takes the newlyweds to their hotel

Finally a car takes the bride and groom back to wherever they are staying that evening, if it’s not at the wedding venue. The wedding party then makes their own way home.

As you can see it’s quite a logistical puzzle to ensure everyone has the transport they need to get from place to place. The amount of cars you will require depend on the size of your wedding party and the distances between the venues where the bride and groom are getting ready, the wedding ceremony venue, the venue of the photographs, the wedding reception venue and the place where the newlyweds will spend their wedding night.

Using an experienced limousine hire operator in your location can help you overcome these challenges so you can spend your wedding enjoying yourself!

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