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The S’s Of Choosing A Wedding Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue can be a real headache for brides and grooms alike. It’s stressful trying to pick the perfect function room for a day or night that is more or less expected to be the best party you’ve ever thrown. With so many great options out there it’s easy to get swept off your feet. Before you know it you’ve hired out a small beach-side venue with a rustic feel for your extravagant traditional wedding totaling 300 guests! The good news is that all it takes to avoid a disaster like that is a little forward thinking.

Here are the S’s you should have answers to before you start searching for a function room for your wedding:


It’s no good hiring out a ballroom if you’re only inviting a handful of close friends and family. Likewise it would be pretty pointless to choose an adorable intimate venue when your mother is insisting you invite the entire extended family to the reception. The way you plan to use the space matters as well. A cocktail style reception will require far less space than a sit down dinner, but your dance floor needs to reflect your intentions for busting a move on the night. 


A lot of brides and grooms like to decide on a theme or style for their special day. This could be as out there as a hobbit-themed wedding for diehard fans or as simple as classic cocktail service. The function room for your wedding should be keeping in style with the decor and other embellishments that you have selected. If you don’t know what type of wedding you want then perhaps browse a few styles online before making an appointment to check out a function room. 


Some function rooms come with full service, which means that they provide items such as chairs and tables as well as waitstaff and bartenders. Naturally these incur a higher cost but come with the added benefit of having one less thing to organise. More particular couples (or budget conscious ones) may prefer to hire a room with no service and fill in the gaps themselves. 


Before you decide on a venue, make sure you know what time of year you plan on getting married. While open venues might be great in summer, you’ll want a back up plan before hiring the same venue in the winter. Ask about the policies of the function room in case of extreme weather conditions. Can your wedding be moved in an emergency? Will the venue be too hot or too cold in certain seasons? Does the venue having cooling/heating options to remedy this?


The unofficial S might be the most important. When looking at venues, always keep your budget in mind. Know how much you can reasonably spend before you go falling in love with a function room that you can’t afford. The most romantic day of your life should leave you sailing off into the sunset — not drowning in debt!

Make an appointment with a function venue like Mulgrave Country Club to start the search for your perfect venue!

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