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Planning it All; 7 Fab Gift Ideas for Your Event Planner

Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Planning it All; 7 Fab Gift Ideas for Your Event Planner

There is no doubt that event planners are special types of human beings.  While they are often pressed for time, they have incredibly high standards, high organizational skills and thrive on pretty things. So, when choosing the perfect gifts for the guests who attended the best barbecue party, you’ve ever hosted, don’t forget to include the event planner who made it all happen.  Here are fab gift ideas that any event planner would love to receive when planning your function venues. Notebook Event planners are suckers for a great notebook. With the ultimate classic notebook, your event planner can easily take notes in style. You can find a pretty classic notebook in your local gift shop without breaking the bank. Blazers Every event planner loves a good blazer! It’s rare to find your event planner without a blazer of some kind; they are always wearing super-cute blazers. This is because Blazers have multiple pockets which are good for pens, phones, and small notebooks not to mention they look great with almost any outfit. Action Pads Your event planner has the largest to do lists? No worries! Get them an action pad to help them highlight the actual to-dos from the long list of things they have to do. Action cards come in different colors, and you can even get one yourself! Business card holder A business card holder is an unexpectedly practical gift for your event planner. You probably ran into your event planner in a grocery store, a parking lot or at the gym. It may have taken them a while to dig through a messy purse or an overstuffed wallet to find their business card. So, how about a fancy pretty sleeve to hold their business cards? This way your event planner will always feel prepared and organized. A multifunctional pen It might sound funny, but picture taking down notes for five different clients in a span of one hour. The option to color code notes can save you a lot of time and headache. Day Spa Voucher Reward your event planner with a voucher to spend some time relaxing at the day spa. This is a perfect gift for a person who is on their feet for hours when working events and sometimes even doing a bit of manual labor. Thank You’s It might sound silly, but a simple ‘Thank You’ might be the best gift of all. Your event planner may make it look effortless, but it most certainly isn’t effortless. Every event planner would be pleased with a simple thank you for their hard...

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Is Your Saxophone a Pain in The Neck?

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Is Your Saxophone a Pain in The Neck?

While playing your saxophone may be a joy to you, this instrument may give you some physical grief if you play or perform regularly. Some players start to develop pains in the neck and upper back; others get headaches. The good news is, you don’t have to give up playing the instrument you love. You just need to look at how you support your sax and your body when you play and, if necessary, make a couple of tweaks to make playing more comfortable for you. How Do You Support Your Saxophone? When you got your saxophone, it may have come with a simple neck strap. This strap is designed to take some of the strain of the instrument when you play so that it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your upper body. While basic string supports can help bear the weight of your saxophone, they may not be enough to stop you from getting pain. You may find that using an adjustable padded neck strap or even a harness strap is more effective, especially if you’re playing a larger instrument or play for long periods of time. Padding makes basic neck straps more comfortable to wear; harnesses level your sax load more evenly around your neck and back. Both options may reduce the stress on your body and go some way to dealing with your pain. What’s Your Posture Like? The way you stand or sit when you play the saxophone can also cause neck and back problems. It’s worth thinking about your posture to see if this may be the cause of your problems. For example, you may naturally dip your head and neck into your sax when you play, especially if you’re really into the music. Pushing your head and neck forward to play may, however, put a strain on your neck and shoulder muscles over time. The same goes if you find yourself hunching your shoulders when you play. It’s better to get into the habit of keeping your neck, head and shoulders relaxed in a straight line with your back, bringing the saxophone to your mouth rather than the other way round. Standing or sitting straight may also help and has the added bonus of improving your breathing technique. If you squish your upper body because of your body’s positioning, you may impede your breathing a little. Bear in mind that you may need to work on both your strap support and posture to finally eliminate your aches and pains. Good posture only really works if your strap does its job and vice versa. For example, you may need to tweak the adjustment of your strap or harness to make sure that your instrument sits close to your mouth so you don’t have to bend to...

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6 Health Benefits of Dance That Will Improve Your Health and Make You More Sociable

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 6 Health Benefits of Dance That Will Improve Your Health and Make You More Sociable

Everyone has a favorite dance. What’s yours? Whether it’s tap dancing, ballroom, street dance, or square-dancing, this pastime can help you lose weight, improve your coordination, make new friends, reduce stress and fight depression. Here are some of the amazing benefits of dance.  1. Lose weight Forget calorie counting and boring treadmill sessions. Dancing for just 30 minutes a day could help you lose weight, according to research. Whether it’s the cha-cha-cha or the cha-cha slide, the tango or the Time Warp, dancing can be a fun way to beat the bulge if you’re trying to drop a dress size, tone up or improve your overall health.  2. Reduce stress Research suggests that dancing with a partner to musical accompaniment can be a great stress reliever. So if you’re feeling blue, why not join a dance class and learn some new moves? There’s plenty to choose from, including salsa, samba, belly dancing, Zumba and hip-hop. Dancing releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, improving your state of mind and wellbeing. In fact, an intensive dance session could curb depression more than listening to upbeat dance music or vigorous exercise.  3. Make new friends Dancing in a group can be a fantastic way to meet new friends. What’s more, it can quickly turn into a new hobby where you can learn brand new skills — even if you have no plans to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars. When you enrol in a dance class, you instantly meet people who share a similar interest to you. 4. Strengthen your bones Dancing on a regular basis can stop osteoporosis in men and women and help keep your joints lubricated, reducing your chances of getting arthritis. Dancing has also been shown to decrease estrogen levels in post-menopausal women, which can prevent calcium being absorbed in the bones.  5. Improve your coordination When you dance on a regular basis, you will improve your agility, flexibility and coordination. It doesn’t matter what age you are — anyone can start dancing, even if you’ve never tried before. Dance classes are usually held indoors so now there’s no excuse not to try, even if it’s slightly chilly outside!  6. Improve spatial awareness A 2011 study from Glasgow Caledonian University, which looked at the effect of exercise on the elderly, found that dance had a bigger impact on improving balance than other activities like cycling and...

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Selecting a Reputable Psychic

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Selecting a Reputable Psychic

Psychics are increasingly popular in today’s society. No longer are we afraid of witches, ghosts and things that go bump in the night; these days we are more interested in what the ‘supernatural’ world can do for us. Can we be guided by psychics with their enhanced intuition? Can mediums help us contact deceased loved ones? Naturally there are skeptics and believers and even among believers it is well established that frauds do exist. Luckily there are a few ways to avoid being duped by a fraudulent ‘cold reader’.  Here are a few things a reputable psychic will do: 1. Ask Few Questions A cold reader will always be fishing for information. They will take their cues from the way you dress, your approximate age and the way you speak. From there they will make reasonable assumptions which they will attempt to have you confirm. A good psychic will not necessarily be specific, but the statements they make will not be so vague as to apply to everyone in your particular circumstances. They will lead the session rather than asking lots of questions and filling in the blanks from your answers. 2. Make No Bold Claims A reputable psychic or medium will not promise to make contact with specific loved ones in the afterlife without having met you. A good psychic is also unlikely to ever predict your imminent death and will never speak of ‘curses’ or other misfortune that they could remove for a fee. 3. Will Not Push More Sales In general, reputable psychics will not attempt to push merchandise or further sessions on their clients. They will not offer more consultations at an increased price. A reliable psychic will attempt to give you the information you are looking for and let you make up your own mind about returning.  4. Permit Recording of the Session Many psychics do not allow voice recordings to be taken in their sessions or only permit them if they are using their own equipment. A reputable psychic has no reason not to permit this as there should be nothing that could be bad for business to be caught on tape.  5. Have a Contingency Plan Finally, a reputable psychic will have a contingency plan. Many psychics are upfront about the fact that it is not always possible to ‘connect’ with a client. If you happen to be one such client, then a reputable business will often offer to end the session and either provide a refund or a rescheduled appointment. Psychics can offer great guidance or just provide great entertainment for the open minded individual, but there is no harm in making sure you get the service you’re paying for. By looking out for the points above you’ll be able to be certain that you are getting the best possible service from your psychic or medium...

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Cash for Comments: How to Make Money Playing & Talking About Video Games

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Cash for Comments: How to Make Money Playing & Talking About Video Games

Have you heard of Felix Kjellberg? Even the most avid video game players might only know him by his online name, PewDiePie. Kjellberg has forged an unlikely career by combining his love of playing games with the simple act of recording a running video commentary as he plays. This method of commentary is known as Let’s Play, and the player generally comments upon the game that they happen to be playing, which tends to be amusingly random, or by offering instructions on how to play the game properly. Kjellberg has turned his Let’s Play exploits into a popular online video channel, and his efforts netted him an impressive $7.4 million in a single year. While its his style of commentary that has led to his popularity (he even made a cameo appearance on South Park), just how is it possible to make money from commenting while you play a video game? Revenue There’s a similarity to broadcast television in that video channels make their revenue from advertising. This might be a banner or pop up advertisement, depending on the format of the channel in question. Advertising appears on the site, the “star” takes a reasonable cut of that revenue, and the channel owner takes the rest. The percentages can vary, but the channel owner (the publisher) can take anywhere from 51% to 65% of revenue. The visiting star takes the rest, and when you consider that people can make a lot of money through video channels, you know that the overall revenue for the channel was astronomical. Promotion Even if you began to record yourself commenting on video games, there’s the danger of becoming lost in the vast world of the internet. Like any online enterprise, promotion is necessary. If you’re not familiar with web-based promotion, there are a number of companies that will do it for you. These content marketing companies will sometimes charge you an upfront fee, but some will also simply take a percentage of your revenue. This slightly reduces your profits, but you are getting some much-needed promotion. Production You only need the most basic of web video production skills to participate. A simple webcam is enough, and you might need to record a few test videos, and adjust your lighting and microphone as necessary. You are commenting on a video game as you play them, and nobody expects high end production values. The rest is largely dependent on your personality. Watch a few commenters in action. Their comments are generally witty, sometimes strange, and have a feeling of spontaneity. If you love playing games and think you can offer an interesting commentary as you do so, you will start to gain more followers and therefore more views on your promotional ads. While you might not reach the heights (and income) of Felix Kjellberg, you still might be able to mix playing games with some basic web video production and make yourself some extra income. For more tips or assistance, contact companies like Tim Rowlands...

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A Pool of Pristine Perfection: 3 Awesome Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Australian life places an emphasis on outdoor living, and there’s no better way to make use of the great outdoors than having a swimming pool. When considering swimming pool construction, your imagination is only limited by your budget. Having said that, there are many ways to build a truly unique swimming pool that complements and adds value to your home without breaking the bank. Finishing with Glass If your backyard slopes slightly and the usable area for constructing a pool is minimal, there’s a nifty trick for building the pool without much earthmoving. Consider having a glass wall for one side of your pool. This allows it to end in a manner that manages to be abrupt and yet also aesthetically pleasing. The glass wall contains the pool in a manner that would only have been possible if a bulldozer had actually moved earth into position to accommodate its entire length. A single glass wall in a pool creates a look that is striking and yet not ostentatious. Let the Water Fall If your pool should ever begin to look like a pond, then you might not be cleaning it enough. Having said that, when putting in a new pool, there’s something that can be added that will replicate an aspect of nature. A small waterfall can transform a standard backyard pool into something extraordinary. It doesn’t require a lot of extra work, and pool builders can easily construct a small raised wall next to the pool with water jets that shoot outwards at an angle of around 45 degrees, creating a waterfall effect. This additional movement of water helps to keep your pool’s water circulating, making it even cleaner. The noise is remarkably soothing as well. Pool Lighting Rather than splashing around in the darkness or switching on a patio light (which is an invitation for mosquitos), most pools have an underwater light. These lights are great, making your whole pool a glistening mass of ambient lighting. Most pools are outfitted with a plain light, or one that has a blue or green tinted colour, helping to accentuate that aquatic look. For something a little different, try a pastel light in pink or apricot. This gives the water an inviting warmth, despite the fact that it’s refreshingly cold. You can get pool lights tinted in any colour, but pastel shades work best when you’re after something that makes you want to jump in. Red tinted lights make it look like someone had an accident, and yellow tinted lights look like someone had a different kind of accident. If you’re wondering whether or not your backyard will look better with a pool, the answer is simple enough. Yes. Talk to resources like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas to learn...

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Tips for Hiring an Art Marquee

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Art marquees are often great addition to social events such as parties and get-togethers. The type of marquee you chose for your event is often used as the main backdrop in the event. Art marquees are often tailored to suit the theme of the party or other event. Before you go out to hire an art marquee from a party equipment rental agency, there are a few things you should know about the mentioned party rental equipment. The Available Types of Art Marquees The most important thing to know before you set out to buy an art marquee is the types of marquees you can expect to find in the market. This will help you compare different types of marquees and choose the best of them all. Pole marquees are the most widely used in social events and are the conventional type of marquee. For this reason they are the most affordable art marquees as well. Pole marquees are preferred for a number of other reasons including the fact that they can be given a desired shape by simply adding extra poles to their structure. A pole marquee has tall center poles that connect to ground pins via ropes. Frame marquees, on the other hand, don’t depend on any poles for their support. A framed marquee will have its support structure incorporated into its outer framework. The outer framework is often made of aluminum metal because it is a very string material despite being very light. Folding marquees are relatively new to the family of marquees. Their use is increasingly becoming common due to the fact that they are easy to set up and store by virtue f their folding mechanism. What You Should Look For in a Marquee There are a few essential features that you should look for when looking to hire an art marquee. A few of these features include: The cover material used on the marquee: The best marquee for a party is one whose cover is made of a waterproof material. This will help to keep water out of the marquee in the event that it rains during the party. The size: It is also important to ensure that you pick a marquee that accommodates an extra number of guests just in case the turnout is larger than expected. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact services such as Dancetime Party Hire for more information. They will help you determine the size and type of marquee that will serve you...

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How Many Wedding Limousines Will You Need?

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Part of the logistical puzzle that is wedding planning is working out how many wedding limousines you will need to transport the family on the day. Here are the common transport steps in a wedding day. A car that transports groom and groomsmen to the venue A car transports the groom and groomsmen to the venue. Depending on the size of the wedding party, the groom’s family might also come in a wedding car or may arrive at the venue separately. A car that transports the bride, bridesmaids and the bride’s father to the venue In some weddings the same car/s can then leave the venue and transport the bride, bridesmaids and the bride’s father to the venue but it may not be logistically possible given the distance. In some case the bride’s family may come separately and meet the family at the venue. Multiple cars that transports the bridal party to take some casual and posed photography and video footage Often the bride and groom travel with their maid of honour and best man, and the rest of the party follow in a wedding car. The photographer and videographer usually travel in their own car, as they need to move around through out the day. Family members usually leave the ceremony in their own cars, and meet the wedding party back at the reception later. Multiple cars that transports the wedding party to the wedding reception venue The cars usually co-ordinate timing so that the wedding party can all enter together, with the newlyweds come in last. In some cases the bride may also stop and change from her wedding dress into a reception dress, either at home or at the hotel. A car that takes the newlyweds to their hotel Finally a car takes the bride and groom back to wherever they are staying that evening, if it’s not at the wedding venue. The wedding party then makes their own way home. As you can see it’s quite a logistical puzzle to ensure everyone has the transport they need to get from place to place. The amount of cars you will require depend on the size of your wedding party and the distances between the venues where the bride and groom are getting ready, the wedding ceremony venue, the venue of the photographs, the wedding reception venue and the place where the newlyweds will spend their wedding night. Using an experienced limousine hire operator in your location can help you overcome these challenges so you can spend your wedding enjoying...

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The S’s Of Choosing A Wedding Venue

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Choosing the right wedding venue can be a real headache for brides and grooms alike. It’s stressful trying to pick the perfect function room for a day or night that is more or less expected to be the best party you’ve ever thrown. With so many great options out there it’s easy to get swept off your feet. Before you know it you’ve hired out a small beach-side venue with a rustic feel for your extravagant traditional wedding totaling 300 guests! The good news is that all it takes to avoid a disaster like that is a little forward thinking. Here are the S’s you should have answers to before you start searching for a function room for your wedding: Size  It’s no good hiring out a ballroom if you’re only inviting a handful of close friends and family. Likewise it would be pretty pointless to choose an adorable intimate venue when your mother is insisting you invite the entire extended family to the reception. The way you plan to use the space matters as well. A cocktail style reception will require far less space than a sit down dinner, but your dance floor needs to reflect your intentions for busting a move on the night.  Style  A lot of brides and grooms like to decide on a theme or style for their special day. This could be as out there as a hobbit-themed wedding for diehard fans or as simple as classic cocktail service. The function room for your wedding should be keeping in style with the decor and other embellishments that you have selected. If you don’t know what type of wedding you want then perhaps browse a few styles online before making an appointment to check out a function room.  Service Some function rooms come with full service, which means that they provide items such as chairs and tables as well as waitstaff and bartenders. Naturally these incur a higher cost but come with the added benefit of having one less thing to organise. More particular couples (or budget conscious ones) may prefer to hire a room with no service and fill in the gaps themselves.  Season  Before you decide on a venue, make sure you know what time of year you plan on getting married. While open venues might be great in summer, you’ll want a back up plan before hiring the same venue in the winter. Ask about the policies of the function room in case of extreme weather conditions. Can your wedding be moved in an emergency? Will the venue be too hot or too cold in certain seasons? Does the venue having cooling/heating options to remedy this? $$$  The unofficial S might be the most important. When looking at venues, always keep your budget in mind. Know how much you can reasonably spend before you go falling in love with a function room that you can’t afford. The most romantic day of your life should leave you sailing off into the sunset — not drowning in debt! Make an appointment with a function venue like Mulgrave Country Club to start the search for your perfect...

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Four Ways to Budget in Dance Classes for Your Child

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Children often want to do exactly what the ballerinas or dancers do on television and stage. They often don’t know how demanding dance can be, expensive classes can become, and how often they will need to practice. Some children love all of that and more about the art of dance and stick with it for years or even a lifetime. Before signing your child up for dance lessons or classes, consider four ways that you can budget it in so you don’t lose your shirt to the dance floor. Avoid New Gear If you want to budget in dance classes and lessons then try to avoid buying all new gear. In some cases, parents tend to go all out and buy new gear for their child so they will be prepared on the first day of class. Often, the parents don’t consult with the instructor about what gear is necessary, or their child hates the reality of dance lessons and never wants to return. Instead, ask the instructor what is necessary for the first day and move from there. Book Small Try booking smaller amounts of lessons to ensure your child likes it before you step-up to larger commitments. You could start off with a few weeks of lessons, a few sessions, or just one session. Take it a day at a time and book accordingly. This will ensure that your child enjoys dance before you are locked into a long contract that you have to pay to get out of. Swap Out Activities If you find that dance lessons or dance classes are too costly, you can opt to let go of other commitments. For example, if your child has other extra-curricular activities on their plate and you find that one of them isn’t something they really love doing, then drop that one and replace it with dance. This will eliminate one expense and allow you to put the money and time to dance for your child. Co-Op the Lessons Try to work out a co-op style relationship with the dance teacher. This entails volunteering time with the studio to pay for part or even all of the lessons. Since you will be at the studio with your child for their lesson anyway, this could be a great way to ensure you stick to a budget for the classes while your child still enjoys all the benefits of being a dance student. If you are ready to move forward, contact the dance instructor such as H V T today. They can assist you in finding ways to help you pay for the lessons or to cut back on some of the expenses that dance can...

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